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We are a family-run restaurant and we pride ourselves on serving authentic Greek food at reasonable prices.

Our team of experienced chefs have the expertise to cook a variety of Mediterranean dishes and will present them to you in a traditional style. Rest assured that we are among the most reputable places to eat fresh Mediterranean cuisine across Nottingham.

gyros history

Gyros is one of the most popular Greek street food dishes and it is famous worldwide. The meat is sliced into thin shavings 

It is placed in a round pitta with tzatziki, tomatoes, 

onions and fries. Gyros is obtained from the Greek word Yireezo  meaning turn around referring to the constantly rotating  vertical spit on which the meat is cooked. The correct pronunciation is Yeeros

It is believed that Gyros originated during the time of Alexander  the Great when his soldiers skewered the meat on their swords and cooked it over a fire.



In Greek culture, the practice of cooking food on spits or skewers historically dates back to the Bronze Age. Souvlaki was a popular delicacy in Santorini back in 2000 BC. Souvlaki is small pieces of meat on wooden skewers marinated in mountain herbs, mustard, spices, olive oil and Greek yoghurt

Festival Catering

Hire our team for a music festival or to take care of catering at a private party, and we will ensure that your guests enjoy a hearty meal. Our warm and friendly chefs will prepare your choice of Greek food and present it to you in a traditional manner. We will do our best to make sure that the food we make is tasty and sufficient for the entire gathering.


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